Angel Fleece Alpaca Farm

Let us put an Angel by your side

Karen and Roger Dunn
3508 Veechdale Rd.Simpsonville, KY 40067
502-377-7837 Roger Cell

Sold Huacaya

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 A'PrenticeWhiteFull PeruvianProven14Sold 
 AFAF Peruvian Roger RabbitMedium FawnFull PeruvianUnproven6Sold 
 Angel Fleece AndrieannaLight FawnFull PeruvianUnproven8Sold 
 Angel Fleece AristaMedium Fawn7/8 PeruvianUnproven8Sold 
 Angel Fleece ButtercupWhite3/4 PeruvianUnproven9Sold 
 Angel Fleece EvitaLight FawnFull PeruvianUnproven9Sold 
 Angel Fleece King ColeBay BlackFull PeruvianUnproven3Sold 
 Angel Fleece Mr. McGuireWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 Angel Fleece Peruvian AmeliaWhiteFull Peruvian 12Sold 
 Angel Fleece Peruvian CamrynWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven10Sold 
 Angel Fleece Peruvian ChelseaLight FawnFull PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 Angel Fleece Peruvian ColleenBeigeFull PeruvianProven12Sold 
 Angel Fleece Peruvian CyprusLight FawnFull PeruvianUnproven9Sold 
 Angel Fleece Peruvian GabrielMedium FawnFull PeruvianUnproven9Sold 
 Angel Fleece Peruvian KeeganLight FawnFull PeruvianUnproven8Sold 
 Angel Fleece Peruvian OliviaBeigeFull PeruvianUnproven8Sold 
 Angel Fleece Peruvian SinchipumaMedium FawnFull PeruvianUnproven8Sold 
 Angel Fleece RaphaelMedium Fawn7/8 PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 Country Cabin JaxonWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven6Sold 
 Country Cabin SavannahMedium Fawn7/8 PeruvianProven7Sold 
 IzabelMedium FawnFull ChileanProven18Sold 
 Pulitzers Peruvian PrizeBeigeFull PeruvianProven11Sold 

Sold Suri

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 Angel Fleece All That JazzMedium Brown5/8 PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 Isabel LeeWhite, DarkBrown1/2 PeruvianProven13Sold 
 LFA's Peruvian ReinaWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven9Sold 
 LuminescenceWhite1/2 PeruvianProven13Sold 
 MSR Finest FanfareMedium Fawn3/4 PeruvianProven15Sold 
 NightlightWhiteFull ChileanProven16Sold