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Sold Huacaya

Purchase Pet/FIber Alpaca
D.O.B. 10/19/2015  (2 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Medium Brown, Non-Breeder
Pet alpacas are awesome and affordable! Joe is a little over a year old and is considered a yearling. He is unregistered and sold as a non-breeder....

Grand Sire, Legend's Challenger of KPR
ARI# 32817188   D.O.B. 10/9/2013  (4 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Medium Silver Grey, Unproven
Sire: Challenger's Rocket Man
Dam: NWA, LTD Geneva
Meet Apollo, the handsome son of Challenger's Rocketman, a 6x Color Champion, 4X Reserve Champion, 13 blue ribbons, 2009 Futurity Champion! He passe...

Lingering fineness! Hemingway genetics!
ARI# 1117226   D.O.B. 10/17/2003  (14 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| White, 1/2 Peruvian, Proven
Sire: Rep Peruvian Pascals' Nieve
Dam: Pperuvian Pascual's Autumn Starr
Service Sire: Snow's Machu Picchu
Don't miss the opportunity to purchase a Hemingway granddaughter! She is bred to Snow's Machu Picchu....out of Snowmaster and Snowmass Snow Cloud. P...

SOLD-Michelangelo pedigree!-
ARI# 35309185   D.O.B. 6/5/2016  (1 yr)
Huacaya, Female| True Black, Unproven
Sire: Ren Farm's Dark Messenger
Dam: Fore Destined
Looking for an awesome true black female for your foundation herd with stacked genetics! Don't miss the opportunity to purchase Bodacious with elite ...

ARI# 32817225   D.O.B. 10/11/2013  (4 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Dark Brown, 1/4 Peruvian, Unproven
Sire: Accoyo America Lohengrin
Dam: BZD Dahlia
Cassius is a beautiful dark brown boy with excellent temperament. We bought him for a PR alpaca from another farm, but we just had several crias and ...

ARI# 32817270   D.O.B. 11/4/2013  (4 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Light Fawn, 1/4 Peruvian, Unproven
Sire: Ferrari's Hemiaccoyo Paragon
Dam: Autumn White
Can't beat this....we will pay $100.00 toward transport cost to deliver her to you! Don't miss the opportunity to purchase Dante....he is a real ch...

Grand Herdsire El Nino pedigree
ARI# 31404824   D.O.B. 10/27/2008  (9 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| White, 7/8 Peruvian, 1/8 Bolivian, Proven
Sire: El Nino's Maximus
Dam: HCLA Dixie Chick
Stacked genetics! Dixie is the daughter of El Nino’s Maximus, great granddaughter of Caligula on her Sire’s side, granddaughter of PCA Accoyo El Nino...

WOW! Histogram, AFD 18, SD 3.6, CV 20.1%
ARI# 35322368   D.O.B. 4/28/2015  (2 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Beige, Unproven
Sire: Whitman of Eagle Bend
Dam: Dixie's Delight of Eagle Bend
Purchase an awesome Jr. Herdsire! He's fleece is awesome....Dense, fine, awesome crimp, consistent, and gorgeous! Great conformation. Excellent hi...

Elite Pedigree!
ARI# 32038927   D.O.B. 6/17/2010  (7 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| White, Full Peruvian, Proven
Sire: MFI Peruvian Titan's Clash
Dam: Beauty's Belle
Talking about stacked genetics....she has it! 6Peruvian Accoyo Titan, PPPeruvian Dracula, Caligula, Presidio Legacy and that's a great start! Deli...

Snowmass Kahuna Sunrise Offspring!
ARI# 35309147   D.O.B. 11/2/2016  (1 yr)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Fawn, Unproven
Sire: Snowmass Sunrise Kahuna
Dam: ELK Clash's Delicious
WOW! So excited our gorgeous Kahuna Sunrise's Glimmer is just awesome. Her fiber is to die about brightness, fineness, density, long stapl...

Will Pay $350 Toward Transport Fee! WOW
ARI# 32097528   D.O.B. 8/11/2013  (4 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| White, Medium Brown, 3/8 Peruvian, 5/8 Chilean, Proven
Sire: Silver Spoon Viola
Dam: Angelique De Llabe
Can't beat this....we will pay $350 toward transport cost to deliver Fantasia to you! PLUS.... you get 2 for 1 get Fantasia and a free bre...

Stacked genetics....Dense!
ARI# 32475852   D.O.B. 9/23/2012  (5 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Beige, 1/2 Peruvian, Proven
Sire: Cafe Mancha
Dam: SSF Peruvian Creme Brulee
Service Sire: Machu Picchu
Frosty just had a gorgeous light brown cria....and she is ready to breed again! Frosty first cria Savannah is gorgeous...we couldn't be happier. F...

Legacy, Hemingway-Pedigree....WOW
ARI# 30827554   D.O.B. 10/20/2006  (11 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Light Fawn, 3/4 Peruvian, Proven
Sire: MFI Supreme Hustler
Dam: White Lilac
Elite pedigree....4Peruvian Legacy 6016, Snowmass Millenium, Peruvian Hemingway G171, Peruvian Charmingway, PPPeruvian Augusto 6009, MFI Peruvian Loga...

Stud Fee:
D.O.B. 5/15/2012  (5 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| White

ARI# 35309116   D.O.B. 9/17/2013  (4 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Fawn, 3/4 Peruvian, Unproven
Sire: MFI Peruvian Jericho
Dam: Peruvian Entitlement
Don't miss this great find! We will pay $100. to transport Brianna to you! Jericho's Brianna is a beautiful medium fawn female who is ready to sta...

ARI# 32097474   D.O.B. 6/30/2014  (3 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Beige, 3/4 Peruvian, 1/8 Bolivian, 1/8 Chilean, Unproven
Sire: Snowmass Snow Legend
Dam: Hemingway's Naomi
WOW...Promise is a beauty! Stacked genetics! Purchase her and we will pay $100 toward transport fee! She is ready to breed! Don't miss the opportu...

Dam, Hemingway Daughter!
D.O.B. 5/11/2016  (1 yr)
Huacaya, Male| White, Unproven
Sire: Snow's Machu Picchu
Dam: Rockford's Hemingway Naomi
Hercules's fleece is awesome! Can't wait to get him in the show ring. Density, excellent staple structure, fineness.....great conformation!! Sir...

Lethal Weapon Daughter! Get 2 for 1
ARI# 31342292   D.O.B. 7/2/2008  (9 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Dark Brown, Full Peruvian, Proven
Sire: MFI Peruvian Lethal Weapon
Dam: MFI Peruvian Mandesa
Service Sire: Apollo
Makensley is a dark brown and out of an impressive line of genetics to include 6Peruvian Accoyo Titan 50555 IMPT98 and Augusto. Purchase her today ...

Jericho Pedigree! 2 for 1
ARI# 35322351   D.O.B. 6/7/2015  (2 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| True Black, Full Peruvian, Unproven
Sire: MFI Peruvian Black Midnight
Dam: MFI Peruvian Makensley
WOW...WOW....! Victoria knocked our socks off when she was born. Purchase this gorgeous alpaca for your foundation herd....elite we...

ARI# 35309109   D.O.B. 10/4/2015  (2 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| White, Unproven
Sire: El Nino's Maximus
Dam: Autumn White
Odysseus's dam is Autumn White, a Hemingway granddaughter. His Sire is El Nino's Maximus. Autumn White was bred to El Nino's Maximus....the famous...

Gorgeous white fiber...soft as butter
D.O.B. 6/14/2016  (1 yr)
Huacaya, Male| White, Unproven
Sire: CNN Golden Medallion
Dam: Fantasia Di Amore
Don't miss this opportunity to get a gorgeous solid white. His fiber is so creamy! Call Carolyn at (502) 682 0617 He will be available at 6 mon...

SOLD! True black! Champions in Pedigree!
ARI# 35159438   D.O.B. 11/5/2013  (4 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| True Black, Full Peruvian, Proven
Sire: Peruvian Silver Bugatti
Dam: Peruvian Foresite
Can't beat this....we will pay $100.00 toward transport cost to deliver her to you! WOW....look at Peruvian Fore Destined genetics to include Black...

Pet/Fiber Alpaca...gorgeous fiber!
D.O.B. 9/14/2015  (2 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Dark Brown, Non-Breeder
Sire: Snowmass Apotheosis
Dam: MA Neela
Neal is gorgeous dark brown male with awesome fleece and excellent conformation. Pet alpacas are awesome and affordable! Neal is a little over a...

Pet/Fiber Alpaca For Sale
D.O.B. 10/1/2015  (2 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Light Fawn, Non-Breeder
Pet alpacas are awesome and affordable! Royal Dancer is a little over a year old and is considered a yearling. He is unregistered and sold as a no...

ARI# 31936026   D.O.B. 10/13/2011  (6 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| True Black, 1/4 Peruvian, 1/8 Chilean, Non-Breeder
Sire: Eagle Bend's Intrepid
Dam: Gunpowder Creek's Nandi
Attention spinners and knitters....Simba has gorgeous black fleece....his yarn is impressive. We have crias hitting the ground so we are selling a ...