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River Hill Ranch

The Future Commercial Suri Herd

Alvina Maynard
680 River Hill DriveRichmond, KY 40475

The purpose of River Hill Ranch is to promote living simply, with quality before quantity, remaining conscious of how our decisions affect the world.

We live out this purpose by being a family operation using good ol’ fashioned hard work to responsibly produce eco-friendly, sustainable, & healthy products.

This purpose brought us to raising high quality Suri alpacas. Alpacas can be raised on small acreage, efficiently producing a myriad of wonderful products:

- A natural fiber with amazing qualities;

- Miracle soil enhancing manure;

- Lean, nutritious meat*; &

- Thin hides* for cloud-like rugs or beautiful leather.

We invite you to learn more about us and our products by selecting from the menu options above.
We also provide fun, educational tours for children and adults that we customize to your interests, so please call to schedule your visit and get some ‘paca kisses.

While you will find several National Champions in our herd, if you're buying focus is driven by banners & ribbons, you won't find that information here. Our focus is on creating a herd that supplies high-end fiber for the textile industry. We purchase offspring from champion parents or animals that have retired from the show ring who grow excellent fiber proven by scientific fiber analysis and skin biopsy reports.

In our store, you will find everything from raw fiber, to yarn, to the most amazing clothing you’ve ever worn. Until we teach our toddler how to maintain the website, sometimes it takes us a while to get items loaded; if you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call.

*We respect our livestock & believe humanely sending them to that greener pasture in the sky is appropriate and necessary for genetic improvement, herd health, and keeping the species (especially the Suri breed) from becoming endangered. Heritage breeds of meat animals and plants are generally more nutritious than the varieties you find in grocery stores, but became endangered or extinct because commercial farms stopped growing them.

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Between sorting fiber, developing new products, volunteering to futher the industry, and being a mom to 2 kids under 5, I sometimes fall behind updating our website! Please check us out on Facebook for up to date news, new product announcements, and general alpaca tid-bits.