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Barnett's Creek Farm, LLC

Small Farm Charm

Paul & Marjorie Phipps
970 Moxley RdLiberty, KY 42539

Bentley's Golden Legacy

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Once upon a time .....

We had just purchased our property and were deciding exactly what we would do with all that room and then I saw an article in the local newspaper about an alpaca farm.......

We are small on herd size but big on acreage and dreams. Located in South Central Kentucky just 2 hours south of Louisville and 3 hours north of Nashville Tennessee. Barnett's Creek runs right through our property and thus the name for the farm was born. Located in the holler near the Adair & Casey county lines, we are secluded on 60 acres of combined pasture and woodland.

All breedings include 60 days agistment for the female and any cria at side. Our pastures are all located so that we can see every animal from our great room on the second floor of our home. The girls barn is just 25 feet from our home and has an IP camera for 7 x 24 monitoring. The girls barn also has an insulated vet room and stall that can be heated or air conditioned if necessary. Medical supplies are close at hand in our vet room. The vet area also has it's own outside area for fresh air and a little exercise.

Our barns and pastures are cleaned daily and the beans are taken away from the animal area to compost bins. We have stall skins on the floor which makes it very easy to clean and is easy on the alpacas feet and knees. Fans are in abundance during the summer months. Nelson automatic watering stations ensure constant clean cool fresh water. All pasture fencing is no-climb on 4x4 posts cemented into the ground. The exterior is 5ft and some interior is 4ft. Hot wire on top and bottom on the exterior fencing, meaning your girls and cria are safe and secure at our farm. We work from home and are here practically 7 X 24 ! A mild temperate climate ensures we have decent pasture right into the winter months. Top Grade Orchard grass hay is purchased yearly from a supplier to the Lexington KY race horse industry. We work very closely with our Vets who, although they don't have a lot of camelid experience, are very willing to learn. They respect our opinion and learn from our knowledge as well as that of our peers. We love our Vets !!

Farm Terms & Financing

We will work with you do determine the best financing solution for both of us. Flexible terms are available for established farms and those willing to make a substantial deposit for the purchase. Give us a call !

Continuously Improving our Herd Genetics

Raising quality alpacas to provide fiber and products is what we do each and every day. A quiet remote location gives us and our alpacas peace of mind to grow and nurture this continuously growing industry. We are proud to be a member of our local affilliate as well as a participant in The Kentucky Fiber Trail. Give us a call, email or message us on facebook to plan a visit and see what it's all about.