— The Kentucky Alpaca Association Team

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About KAA

The Kentucky Alpaca Association offers a great opportunity for Alpaca breeders to share and learn from one another. We have many meetings, activities, and shows to enjoy. Read more >

Vision & Mission Statements

Kentucky Alpaca Association

Vision Statement

KAA is the regional resource for developing a sustainable alpaca livestock industry.


Mission Statement 

To encourage growth of a sustainable alpaca industry and allied products for Kentucky Alpaca Association farms




To promote the growth of KAA alpaca industry and profitability.


To educate and be a resource to our members about latest trends and successes in alpaca husbandry.


To promote alpaca fiber and fiber products from KAA members throughout the region. 


To organize, conduct and promote public alpaca events to increase awareness of alpacas and associated products.


To work with Kentucky organizations and government entities to promote legislation supporting KAA alpaca producers in a sustainable livestock enterprise.


To develop an alpaca youth program that will educate and encourage future alpaca owners and breeders.


To work with educational institutions in Kentucky to become involved in research and long term support for the alpaca industry.