River Hill Ranch

The Future Commercial Suri Herd

Alvina Maynard
680 River Hill DriveRichmond, KY 40475

Other Critters

Our Other Farm Friends

Here are some of the other animals that call River Hill Ranch home:


Larry's antics provide hours of entertainment. He likes to practice hunting by picking on Almond, Ruth, Aidyn, grasshoppers, grass...you get the picture. But apparently all that practice tires him out from actually hunting. We often find him napping in the hay feeders. Maybe he's just using deterence?


Sadly, you won't get to interact with my girl Ruth. She is a cuddly fluff ball with us, but when visitors are here she is on duty. She is an Italian Maremma Livestock Guardian Dog. While she was raised by her working parents, it amazes me how much of her work is by instinct. She patrols the fenceline ahead of the grazing herd and noses them back from the fence if she detects an intruder. If you pull up to the barn and she's barking at you, don't be alarmed; she's just doing her job letting me know you're here.