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River Hill Ranch

The Future Commercial Suri Herd

Alvina Maynard
680 River Hill DriveRichmond, KY 40475

Fiber Sorting, Grading, & Consulting Service

Get that fiber outta those bags!

Is your garage, barn, or basement being taken over by bags of fiber that you don't know what to do with?

Do you send your blankets to the mill without knowing what you should be ordering?

Do you understand what makes good (or crappy) yarn?

Have you developed outlets for your yarn or fiber that is actually making you money?

Do you think "noodling" is the way crazy people go fishing for catfish?

So many of us bought alpacas without truly understanding the fiber or the textile industry. I wanted to learn everything I could to establish a successful business plan and actually turn a profit. Here is what I've done so far:

- Volunteered for the Suri Network Product Development Committee where I've been blessed with a network of very knowledgeable fiber folks

- Took both the Suri Network Beginning & Advanced Fiber Seminar

- Funded & produced a 4-hour training DVD for the Suri Network on how to profit from your fiber. This put me in direct conversation with experts and business owners from Dr. Norm Evans discussing nutritional aspects and breeding program considerations in fiber production, to Fiber Mill owners, to textile companies, to fashion designers.

- Completed the Olds College Skirting, Sorting, & Grading Course. Scheduled to complete the Fiber Sorter & Grader Certification Course in June 2014, followed by the apprenticeship.

I am very invested in the future success of this industry, which means I need ALL alpaca ranchers to be successful with me! Great things are on the horizon for us, but we need large quantities of uniform sorted and graded fiber to make them happen. Let me help you get there. I want to share what I've learned so you can be successful too.

I can offer custom fiber services for you depending on your current level of knowledge. While it is in my nature to give freely, out of fairness to myself and my family I must put a price on my time. The first 30 minutes is free, with a charge of $15/hour after that. If you read about me in the "Our Story" page, you'll see I'm not a slacker, so rest assured you'll be getting more than your money's worth!

Consultation services can be provided telephonically and via email. I can travel within a two hour driving radius of our ranch, with an appropriate travel fee.