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Tumble, Wash, Card into Batts or Rovings

Carding Services



Shipping & Handling

Product Specs

  • You must skirt the fiber first for any vegetable matter, poop, hay or burrs and other unsatisfactory fiber. Including all guard and belly hairs. We DO NOT have a separator but our tumbler will remove dirt and most second cuts or nubs. Fiber that is not skirted first will be charged a $25.00 per blanket skirting fee.
  • $13.00 a pound for Washing, Tumbling and Carding.
  • OR
  • $3.00 a pound for Washing.
  • $10.00 a pound for tumbling and carding.
  • $5.00 a pound for carding only.

Product Description

You will receive a form to complete with any special instructions such as combining fiber lots. At this time we are NOT able to blend other fibers with your alpaca.

Once we receive your fiber we will weigh it on our large animal scale.
You will receive a PayPal invoice at this time for a 50% deposit of your order based on this weight.
Once you pay the deposit we will begin processing.
Depending on the services you have chosen:
Your fiber will be tumbled for approximately 20 minutes per blanket.
It will be hand washed with mild fiber wash and rinsed twice.
The fiber will then be air dried before carding.
We may remove some fiber that we find does not card well, this fiber will be returned to you.
Once your fiber has been completely processed you will receive another PayPal invoice for the remainder of your order.
Your batts or rovings will be shipped USPS priority mail AFTER your invoice has been paid.
Invoices not paid within 20 days of notice will be cancelled and we will retain your batts/rovings as inventory for sale.

Order & Payment

Order by Phone: 606-787-5329