— The Kentucky Alpaca Association Team

Alpaca Aunt

Caring for your alpacas like they're family

Gina Schack
1485 S. 4th St.Louisville, KY 40208
(502) 635-9141

Support for you & your alpacas at shows

Show Assistance

Pricing: Pricing is related to option (full vs. part-time); amount of time; show location; etc.
* Full-time: I work only with your alpacas (or a group of farms that you coordinate) OR
* Part-time: We agree on specific duties and a schedule that I carry out, with rates based on time worked. I also may work part-time for others at the same show.
Questions: (502) 635-9141

Service Description

I'd love to be your Alpacas' Aunt - looking out for them with you or when you need to be somewhere else.

Show Assistance
* check-in and moving them and their "stuff" into stalls
* registration and color check
* clean stalls, refresh food and water
* check on your alpacas before, during, and after halter show hours
* prep them for the show ring - walk, stand, wand-clean fiber, etc.
* hold, get, and return alpacas to their stall during the halter show
* show them in the ring if you have conflicts
* help you pack up and move out after the show