— The Kentucky Alpaca Association Team

Alpaca Aunt

Caring for your alpacas like they're family

Gina Schack
1485 S. 4th St.Louisville, KY 40208
(502) 635-9141

Caring for your alpacas when you're gone


Pricing: Depends on number of animals, responsibilities, etc. Please call so we can discuss your particular needs.
Questions: (502) 635-9141

Service Description

I'll be your Alpacas' Aunt - caring for them like family. While you're away at shows, for business, or on a well-deserved break, I'll stay and take care of the farm. Duties can include:
* clean alpaca stalls/fields;
* refresh hay and water as needed;
* feed alpacas according to your instructions;
* care for domestic pets and other animals on your farm;
* be an on-site presence while you're gone (take in mail, answer phone, etc.);
* handle emergencies that may arise; and
* others as agreed upon.